C.S.Forester"The Hornblower Companion"30maps illustrations etc

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The Hornblower Companion

Maps and and Decorations by Samuel H. Byant

The story of how the Hornblower saga came to be - with thirty maps

illuminating all the major exploits of this legendary figure.

This first edition 1964 published by Michael Joseph Ltd., London

A red cloth bound book with gilt lettering to spine and gilt decoration on black to front board. Book condition is Very Good but some shelf bumping to spine top and bottom. Page block is clean, bright and tight. The Very Good condition is alittle shelrubbed in places and is in a protective sleeve and is unclipped. A very nice copy of the first edition of this sought after book.


HERE are the answers to all those questions. How did Hornblower come to be thought of? How did it happen that this epic biography was begun in the middle? How did it come about that the midshipman grew into the captain? What were the moods that inspired so many thrilling episodes? How were the plots constructed? The people who are interested in Hornblower – we will not try to make an estimate of their number – cannot fail to be interested in this book. In fact they will undergo an altogether new and exciting experience.
For that matter another question is answered here – What sort of person wrote all these stories, exciting, fantastic, tender, significant? The Hornblower Companion is among other things a revealing fragment of autobiography, a sight into the mind of the great story-teller of our age.
If you want to know how a novel comes to be written, how a story is put together, how inspiration is indulged at the same time as the logical powers are set to work, you can read all about it here. People interested in the literary art, or in the psychology of creation, or in the revealing of a complex personality will all profit by a study of these pages – although `study' is far too harsh a word, because the opening lines entrap the in-cautious reader so that willy-nilly he has to continue to the end and then wish there were more.
And here are the maps, too. Thirty of them, with track charts and the details of the actions by land and by sea. Readers of Horn-blower – and re-readers – will find their pleasure heightened by occasional references to these pages of maps and accompanying notes. The student of history, who has always been aware of the accuracy of the historical setting of the Hornblower novels, will hardly be surprised to find the geographical setting just as accurate.
Wrapper design by MICHAEL HARVEY



1 General Map of the Travels of Horatio Hornblower
2 Bay of Biscay
3 The Gironde
4 The Beach at Muzillac
5 Straits of Gibralta
6 The Cruise of the Caroline
7 El Ferrol
8 Santo Domingo
9 The Gulf of Samana
10 The Caribbean
11 Approaches to Brest < click to see this double page spread
12 Hotspur's Track to Tor Bay
13 Patrol Area of Moore's Squadron off Cape St. Vincent
14 Gloucester to Deptford
15 The Thames, Deptford to Westminster
16 The Downs
17 The Mediterranean
18 Marmorice Bay
19 Pacific Coast of Central America20 Gulf of Fonseca
21 First Engagement Between Lydia and Natividad
22 Second Engagement Between Lydia and Natividad
23 Hornblower's Operations May, Oho, to June, 181 1
24 East Coast of Spain and South Coast of France
25 The Baltic
26 Bomb Vessels' Action off Riigen
27 Action of the Boats in the Gulf at Danzig
28 Riga
29 Normandy
30 Admiral Hornblower in the West Indies



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